Une très belle revue publiée dans le prestigieux Nature Reviews Immunology fait le point sur les liens mécanistiques entre maladie parodontale et maladies inflammatoires chroniques. De nombreux exemples mettent en perspectives les liens entre pathogènes parodontaux et inflammation systémique, altérations métaboliques, altérations hématopoïétiques, et les effets directs des bactéries, notamment sur les cellules de la paroi vasculaire.

A lire absolument si ce thème central de notre RHU vous intéresse!!

Local and systemic mechanisms linking periodontal disease and inflammatory comorbidities

Hajishengallis G, Chavakis T

Periodontitis, a major inflammatory disease of the oral mucosa, is epidemiologically associated with other chronic inflammation-driven disorders, including cardio-metabolic, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases and cancer. Emerging evidence from interventional studies indicates that local treatment of periodontitis ameliorates surrogate markers of comorbid conditions. The potential causal link between periodontitis and its comorbidities is further strengthened by recent experimental animal studies establishing biologically plausible and clinically consistent mechanisms whereby periodontitis could initiate or aggravate a comorbid condition. This multi-faceted ‘mechanistic causality’ aspect of the link between periodontitis and comorbidities is the focus of this Review. Understanding how certain extra-oral pathologies are affected by disseminated periodontal pathogens and periodontitis-associated systemic inflammation, including adaptation of bone marrow haematopoietic progenitors, may provide new therapeutic options to reduce the risk of periodontitis-associated comorbidities.